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This International Journal will provide a forum for the publication of original scientific papers dealing with all branches in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Toxicology Basic and applied researches in the disciplines as Biochemistry Cyto-Chemistry, Physicology , Experimental Biology, Pharmacy management and marketing drug testing . Endocrinology veterinary sciences will be most welcomed Reports on development of procedures and Techniques that significantly advance the basic understanding on life and its processand laboratory investigation applied to the interpretation of field data will  also be consider.

Editor in Chief

Dr. Ram Prakash

2/10 Bikamchand Jain Nagar,

Jalgaon. 425001 India.

0091- 257 2253256,


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Associate Editor

Dr. S.K. Majumdar (for USA and Canada)

Dr. K.S. Vishwakarma - Jalgaon (for Asia)

Prof. Anna B. Fischer, Germany (for Europe)


Prof. Ali E. Karakaya - Turkey

Dr. Sook - Jin Hur - Korea

Dr. N.Di. Marco - Australia

Dr. B. Suresh - Ootacamund

Dr. Dessy Natalia - Indonesia

Prof. Man Huagiong - China

Dr. Ramesh C. Gupta - USA

Dr. Manana Juruli - Georgia

Prof. S.A. Mansour - Egypt

Prof. D. Desaiah - USA

Dr. Max Vojtisek - Czech Republic

Dr. A. P. Hardas - India

Dr. G. J. S. Flora - USA

Dr. R. S. Sharma - New Delhi

Dr.-Ulrich Schafer, Jena - Germany

Dr. Yangho Kim - S. Korea

Dr. D. Satyanarayana - Mangalore

Miss. Jigna Parekh - USA

Dr. Hester Vismer - South Africa

Dr. Roberto Luchhini - Italy

Managing Editors

Mrs. Anshu Goel