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Scientific Journals of Advances in Pharmacology and Toxicology

It is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal devoted to publishing excellent studies on every aspect of toxicology and pharmacology. Original research abstract, reviews, and comments on a wide range of subjects on our website.
Our journal includes Drug development and discovery, Drug action mechanisms, pharmaceutical dynamics and Pharmacokinetics, Drug distribution and metabolism, Environmental agent toxicity, Pharmacology for safety, Pharmacotherapy and clinical pharmacology.

We serve a broad range of users including toxicologists, physicians, researchers, scientists, and other healthcare professionals in the fields of toxicology, pharmacology, and allied topics.

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Open Access: APT follows an open access model, which allows users worldwide to access the abstracts of articles included in our scientific journals without its subscription.
Strict Peer Review: All the manuscripts that are submitted are reviewed by our respective authorities of the fields. This guarantees the latest research that satisfies the academic standards will be published.
Quick Publication Time: Our Journals are published every 6 months.
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Scientific Journal of Advances in Pharmacology and Toxicology

International Journal of Pharmacology and Biological Sciences

We cover a wide range of studies on biological sciences and pharmacology. Our Scientific Journal consists of a variety of topics that include Biochemistry and molecular biology, Cell biology and physiology, Genetics and genomics, Microbiology and immunology, Ecology and environmental biology, Pharmacology, and drug discovery. Our target audience is Students, scientists, and researchers working in pharmacology, biological sciences, and allied subjects.

Important Characteristics:
Open Access: Just like the above-mentioned journal even this journal’s research abstract has been uploaded to the website for free so that people can read it without a subscription.
Author Friendly: We have the option of online submission of manuscripts to make it easy for authors to use.
Broad audience Reach: Indexed a multitude of databases, enhancing the discoverability of published articles by international readers.

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About Editor-in-Chief

Image showing Editor-in-Chief and Noble Prize Winner.

Dr. Ram Prakash earned his post-graduation and Ph.D. from the University of Meerut. He further pursued postdoctoral work at Jamia Millia Islamia – Central University, collaborating with renowned scientist Dr. S. Z. Qasim. Dr. Prakash has made significant contributions in toxicology, environmental science, and pharmacology. He has published a remarkable 50 research articles in prestigious national and international journals. Additionally, he has completed 4 research projects. Dr. Prakash’s dedication to science has been recognized internationally. In 1995, he received the young scientist fellowship from the Society of Toxicology in Egypt. This recognition was followed by another in 1999 from The Turkish Toxicological Society. Dr. Prakash actively shares his research findings at international conferences. He has presented his work in Paris (1991), Poitiers (2005) in France, the Czech Republic, Germany, Egypt, Turkey, Nepal, and Singapore (2008-2009), Malaysia, and the USA. Furthermore, he has presented at over 150 conferences within India. Dr. Prakash’s editorial expertise is evident in his role as Editor-in-Chief of the international journal “Advances In Pharmacology and Toxicology.” He also serves as editor for two additional journals. His dedication to scientific advancement extends beyond research and editorial work. Dr. Prakash serves as Secretary General of The Society For Science and Environment. He is also a life/executive/fellow member of numerous prestigious national and international bodies, including The World Society of Cellular and Molecular Biology, the International Brain Research Organization, and the Indo-French Technical Association.

Image showing Editor-in-Chief and Noble Prize Winner

His Contribution:

Dr. Ram Prakash has a distinguished record of contributions to the field of cellular and molecular biology. In 1991, he served as Co-Moderator at the World Congress on Cellular and Molecular Biology in Paris. Following that, he took on dual roles as Co-Moderator and Session Chairman at Poitiers 2005 in France. His leadership continued at the 5th WCCMB in Indore, India (2009), where he moderated and chaired a session. He also chaired a session at the International Scientific Conference in Malaysia. More recently, Dr. Prakash delivered a lecture at the 6th International Conference EST-2012 in the U.S.A. In 2016, he became a fairly sought-after speaker, serving as each Invited Speaker and Session Chairman at the global congress in Cochin. That equal year, Dr. Prakash’s information became in call for internationally as he added invited lectures in Texas and San Diego, USA. His dedication to sharing understanding persisted in India with a Guest Lecture at Garden City University Bangalore in 2019, followed by lectures in Kolkata and Puri in 2022.


This journal serves as a platform for publishing unique medical papers in all regions of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Toxicology. We welcome basic and implemented studies throughout disciplines such as Biochemistry, Cytochemistry, Physiology, Experimental Biology, Pharmacy management and advertising and marketing, Drug checking out Endocrinology, and Veterinary sciences.

The journal also considers reports that:
-Advance our understanding of life processes through the development of new procedures and techniques.
-Apply laboratory investigations to interpret field data.

Author Responsibilities: Authors are responsible for the research they conduct, the animals used in experiments, the presentation of their work, and the results they express. The Editor-in-Chief and Editors are not liable for any related matters.


Manuscript Submission:

Manuscripts should be sent either directly or via an Editor or a member of the editorial board to

Editor in Chief
Prof. (Dr.) Ram Prakash
204, Marudhar Residency Gruhkul Society,
M.I.D.C. JALGAON -425003
Email- dr.ramprakash58@rediffmail.com

Presentation of the Manuscripts:

The language of the journals is English. Send PDF and Word files of the article by email. The MS must be typed in double space on one side of the sheet [9″ x 11″] and have a margin of at least 4 cm on the left-hand side. Type scripts should be carefully checked before submission. No changes to the original manuscript will be allowed at any stage of publication. 
The general arrangement of paper should be:

Table and Figures:

Tables must be typed, double spaced on separate sheets. A concise heading and number appear above and the explanations are below. Figures line drawings and halftones must be supplied as sharp prints suitable for direct reproduction Photographs must be clear, highly contrasted, black and white glossy prints in the format. Color photographs of good quality may be considered for printing. Legends must be provided on a separate sheet, typed in double space. Lettering on figures should be large enough to be readable after photographic reduction.


In the text, references must be made by the name and the year (not by numbers). More than one paper by the same author (s) should be a, b,c, placed after the year of publication. The list of references is arranged in alphabetical order according to the following
In the text, references must be made by the name and the year (not by numbers). More than one paper by the same author (s) a, b, c, placed after the year of publication. The list of references is arranged in alphabetical order according to the following form
1. Prakash, R (1990). Role of methionine in reversing manganese toxicity in rat. Curr. Sci. VolI(5),263-266. (Paper published in journal)
2. Prakash, R (1990). Management of Water Resources. In: Aquatic Ecosystems (Ed. Gautam, A.) Ashish Publishing House, New Delhi, pp. 1-10. (Paper published in Book).
3. Prakash, R. (1989) Recent Trends in Toxicology. Jagmendar Book Agency, New Delhi. (For Book).
General Information:
Author (s) have to transfer copyrights from the author (s) to the editor-in-chief. There will be no printing charges, however, the authors have to pay the cost of reprints